16 & Pregnant.

I can still recall every moment leading up to the second that I gave birth to Kiara. I met my daughter's dad when I was in third form and on my way home from school one evening. Little did I know he'd later become my 'high school sweetheart'. I never had a 'serious' boyfriend before... Continue Reading →

Mellow Yellow. 

My holiday is almost over! *real tears* I wore my colour for summer today; yellow. I remember, when I was younger, thinking I was too dark to wear certain colours- especially bright colours. I was taught to think this way. But I'm happy to say, I'm no longer brainwashed. Yellow was made for my dark... Continue Reading →


After a whole week in Barbados, I finally made it to the beach! Notice I said made it to the beach and not made it into the water for a swim. To be honest, my intention was to go for a dip after my shoot but time got boney (as they say in Barbados- it... Continue Reading →


Who would have thought I'd enjoy being in Bim so much?! Distance does make the heart fonder! I'm going to spend the next two and a half weeks with my favourite person- Kiara. I look forward to waking up early to get her ready for school, pressing her uniforms, cooking and cleaning up after her-... Continue Reading →

Mixed Bag.

Dinner at The Shard- overrated. Friday night, I had the unfortunate pleasure of having dinner at Ting in The Shard. I believed the hype and was sorely disappointed. The service was poor and the food was awful. There was no one on the meet and greet desk when we arrived. The wine and cocktail list... Continue Reading →

New Job. New Mood.

What a [good] week! When I feel down for a while, I start to think maybe I'll never be myself again. It's a scary thought to have. I try not to ruminate on it because that would only increase my downward spiral. Have you ever had one of those days when one thing, no matter how small, just had to go wrong... Continue Reading →

Year of 26.

Last December, the idea of starting this blog popped into my head. My manager, my friends and my family- they all supported and believed in me. It's now almost 4 months later and I've finally taken the plunge. I was mostly stuck on what I'd say in this blog and who would read it. Then I realised,... Continue Reading →

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