I started my blog to share my journey on dealing with my anxiety and depression. When I tell people I struggle with depression, they are usually surprised. It’s then followed with, “You don’t look depressed.”  So, I decided to share my highs and lows so people could understand that, sometimes, it’s a rollercoaster. It’s raw, real and honest. With the “heavy” topics I talk about, I decided to incorporate another passion of mine- FASHION.

A few random facts about me 🙂 :

  • Mother to “Mini KP”.  On second thought, I need to rethink “mini” because she’s a teen now.
  • Bajan dad. Indo-Malaysian mum. British born and living.
  • I’m that friend that says there’s no need to dress up…then I show up overdressed. *shrug*
  • Lover of gold hoops.
  • I love fine dining and ordering takeout, so being a foodie is my type of diet.
  • Songwriter and karaoke professional.

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