48 hours in Paris.

Paris, you did not disappoint.

Okay, maybe you did, but only with regards to the weather. I did not expect it to be colder than London?! I should’ve checked the weather beforehand. *duh* But it wasn’t just cold on Saturday- it was raining too! I would’ve loved to share Paris by night with you but the photos aren’t doing it justice at all. Don’t worry, I will definitely be back again.

In case you missed it, here’s a little video of the prep for Paris. Better late than never *wink*


How does it feel to experience something you’ve been dreaming about? Overwhelming.

I suspected that I would be emotional on this trip and for a brief moment, I was. Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time rushed a whole load of feelings through me. I think every time I saw it, whether close up or at a distance, I was in awe.

I could sit here and write a step by step guide of the trip but why do that when I could share a video instead?! Thanks to Rav for capturing it all!

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x   KP

P.S. Head over to IG if you want to know about my look in Paris. 🙂

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