New Year. Better Me.


I want to say it wasn’t a good year but I think a truer statement would be, it didn’t end well.

I started the year on leave from work for my depression and I am happy that I can say I am definitely in a better place mentally. Every day isn’t a good day but I can recognise a bad one and get out of a low much faster now. I can pinpoint some triggers now (even if I don’t always avoid them) which is progress.  I’m reminded to be encouraged even for the smallest improvements as I hope to never struggle for as long as I did at the end of 2016 again.

I experienced a few panic attacks as I continued to try to overcome my fear of flying but my love for a new experience and a change of scenery won’t let me quit! Here’s a quick recap of my itinerary:

Dubai x 2
Barbados x 3

Here’s to more trips in 2018! As I write this, I can feel myself getting a cold sweat at the mere thought; so wish me luck!

Probably my proudest moment of 2017, I started my blog! I’ve doubted myself for a long time about starting this and I am glad I didn’t let self-doubt stop me from accomplishing this. I wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked to be nor did I evolve as much as I would have wanted to. Nonetheless, I’m optimistic about the big plans for this new year and I hope I’m able to bring my ideas to life.

Mini KP turned 10 and I’m still wrapping my head around it if I’m being honest. I was so happy to spend her birthday with her and it was hard for both of us to spend Christmas apart but I promised her I’d make it up to her. Speaking of, Mini KP is moving to London this year; once everything goes to plan. So we won’t be missing out on anything together anymore!

I may have made it onto his Instagram by way of a hashtag. Snapchat might have included pictures of us in my recap of 2017, but to clear things up, CB and I are still broken up. This was probably the hardest thing to accept for the year and some days I stand behind everything I said and believe that the relationship will no longer work. Some days I struggle to accept that the relationship is over. Breakups are hard. There’s no manual or step by step guide to follow to guarantee you won’t feel heartbroken, so I’m just taking it one day at a time.

You’re allowed to say “New year. New me.” and I’ve decided to make changes for the new year. It’s a shame most of us wait for a new year to make well-warranted changes in our life but if that’s what it takes to become a better you, so be it.

These are my resolutions:

  • I want to be less pessimistic
  • I want to be more open to change
  • I want to be willing to accept that my way may not always be the right way
  • I want to fearlessly go after my dreams
  • I want to be more honest with my friends (I also want to differentiate who are my friends and who are just acquaintances)
  • I want to stop questioning my worth
  • I want to think things through- fully (not just short-term rewards)

Along with all the things that are about to change once Mini KP moves, and leading up to it, I also want to make some changes to my blog. There’s so much more I want to do with it. I keep saying I want to start vlogging and I’m determined to get that done this year!

I decided to straighten my hair, even though I read an article recently that said it wasn’t a good idea for naturalistas to do this during winter. I even had to make a disclaimer on snapchat when I posted a picture because a few people thought I had it done chemically. But no, my curly fro will be back soon. I can’t believe just how much my hair has grown but sometimes I consider doing a big chop again. Who knows, maybe I’ll do it this year. *shrug*

I found this hoodie when I was on my way to the changing room and it spoke to me, “Fashion Stole My Money”- now if that isn’t an actual fact! I bought the hoodie a couple sizes up so I could get away with it being worn as a dress. I paired it with silver metallic thigh high boots I bought a few shopping visits before and fishnet tights.


Hoodie- Primark

Boots- Primark

Here’s the first look for 2018! (and some selfies before I was fully dressed :D)

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