Since my last post I’ve had a few great days. My dad stayed with me for three weeks and it was so good to have him here. We finally had a face to face conversation about my depression and I tried my best to explain it. I’m not sure if I did a good job to be honest. :/ He also played at a charity event at my workplace and it felt great to “show him off” to my colleagues. 🙂

And then…LJ stayed with me! A mere three days (was it even that long?!) but I always enjoy my time with her. I finally had the opportunity to give her a big hug for achieving a lifelong goal- Miss Universe Barbados

And I’ve also had some sh*t days. I’ve probably had three hours of sleep (or less) every night for the last two weeks. A lot has been on my mind lately even though I’ve tried so hard NOT to think about it. One being, CB and I breaking up. (If I can share all the good times, I think it’s only right I share the bad times too- transparency.)

It was a mutual breakup and we’re still “friendly”- I mean we were best friends before everything else. 

This morning as I was about to maybe get an hour of sleep (if I could be so lucky), I decided to check my phone, and to my horror, I saw a message saying that my mother got into an accident just off of the highway. In total panic mode now, I tried to call any family member in Bim to find out if she was okay because I wasn’t given any details, just the fact that she was in an accident. I finally got through to my sister and she confirmed that my mother was physically okay but the car might be totalled. 

Thanking God for small mercies. 

Next big thing…

November is here which means my birthday is right around the corner. But before we get there, baba’s 10th birthday! How am a mother to a 10 year old. 😐 I don’t think I have to say it but look out for a Bim trip real real soon! 👀 

It won’t be a two week trip but I’ve shopped like I’m going to be there for three months- ova dweet. And Shakera came in this weekend so I know I’ll encourage her and she’ll, in turn, encourage me. 😩

This trip will primarily be focused around Ki. She is a diva, like her mum after all, I know she has her own plans for her birthday in addition to the things I want to do for her. So, let me say this now, if you don’t see me on this trip, DON’T BE OFFENDED! 

I had a therapy session this week and my upcoming trip to Bim came up. You know what I realised? As excited as I am to go to Bim I am also scared because I’m thinking, which friendship will I lose this time? I’ve lost a friend every trip…

I guess people expect me to drive around, house to house and shout them all- impossible. First off, if I stay up past 8 o’clock it’s a surprise to me. Secondly, there isn’t anywhere I desperately need to be that I’d take the bus; which means I’m sharing a car with my mum and sister. And finally and probably most importantly, I hate to drive so feel free to come to my place if ya really wanna see me. 🙂

Well, here’s another day out with Shakera! ❤️


Dress- Zara

Denim Jacket- Primark

Boots- Missguided

Scarf- Amazon

Earrings- Primark

Oh! I found this hairstyle on IG and thought I’d give it a shot. Loved it! 🙂

I promise to be back next week! But a lot more casual. 🙂
Kira    x

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  1. Depending on the tilt of your head or the swag in your strut you resemble your moms or pops, but that glow that drive that indefinable thing which sets you apart is searching for a way to make your own start in the world so go on be bold and live strong passion girl

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