Shakira Shakera

*in the tune of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie“*

It’s slightly annoying but do you know how many times I (Shakera too) have smiled through someone singing “Shakira Shakira” and acted like this hasn’t happened a million times? A few too many.

Last week it was all about Carnival and now it’s Girls’ Day Out. A day out on the town! Shopping. Food. Drinks. Liming. What more could I ask for?!
P.S. Look at me just making the most of my weekends!

I met up with my friend Shakera- she’s also cabin crew and based in Dubai (just like CB)- and we decided to have a shopping day. We had one just a couple weeks ago where we bought quite a few household things but I told her about some makeup she missed out on in Primark and we decided to head right back there again!
The weather actually cooperated with us today. The sun was out. Our buns were not though. :$

From walking through the streets of Soho, to shopping in Primark on Oxford Street, to a poor experience in Nando’s, to “picnicking” in a garden square, to riding a bike- we definitely made the most of today.
I don’t get many opportunities to hang with my friends and certainly not with my Bajan friends so I truly appreciate the times that I can (I feel like I’ve said this before lol).

I travelled up to Shakera’s hotel near Heathrow, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s and then we headed to Piccadilly Circus. *side note* Doesn’t Piccadilly Circus remind you of Times Square?? I just love it! (I think I love NY more though, to be honest.)
My favourite Primark is the one on Oxford Street; just opposite Tottenham Court Road Station. It’s so big and even though it’s usually quite busy I find that it’s very organised so I can always find what I’m looking for.
We decided to walk through Soho to make our way to Oxford Street. I don’t believe I’ve laughed so much!! So, Shakera pointed out that she looks like Shayla (MakeUpShayla on IG) and I honestly saw it when she said it! So I decided to tell her who I think my celebrity lookalike is; Bernice Burgos- she did not see it. She made so many jokes at me the whole day and you can tell because I believe we were laughing in every photo. She kept gassing me up by calling me ‘B’ or ‘Bernice’.

I had to cuss her (jokingly of course) at one point too because she wouldn’t even tell me that my headscarf kept moving so I’d only realise when I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror or a glass we were walking by. So this scarf was cute but not fully functional for me today at all.

Primark carries a wide range of products in their makeup line and I wanted to introduce Shakera to a few of them. I’m in love with their brow gel; I think I bought it over a year ago. I actually can’t find it anymore in store so I really need to find a replacement but this was my go-to eyebrow product and it hurts to have to find an alternative :'(. The eyeshadow palette and lipstick I used for my makeup today is actually from them as well. I keep on saying it; DON’T SLEEP ON PRIMARK.

I’ve learned the hard way that if I see something in the makeup section that I want to try, I need to buy it then and there! Whenever I’ve decided to put it off until the next time, IT’S SOLD OUT!

Even though I bought all the home items I “needed” last time, I still went there and fell into the trap and I ended up buying more things for the house.
After all that shopping we needed to eat and have a drink! Nando’s won the toss up. After a mix up with my meal and a bottle of wine, we headed to a garden square to lime, drink some more wine and nibble on some strawberries and mango. We would have had cherries too but Shakera somehow managed to leave the cherries in Sainsbury’s. Somehow it was my fault lol.

For the whole day we wanted to hire bikes to ride and when we were sitting having a drink we saw they had bikes there! We hired a bike and showed off our skills. I actually can’t remember the last time I rode a bike! I was trying to remember how to ride with no hands but I stuck to my one-hand trick. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid again!
A big thank you to Rav (ravization on IG) for capturing every moment. She just released her first vlog about her last trip to Bim, the link is in her bio so go check it out! And thanks to Shakera aka Shayla (yaya_x0x0 on IG) for all the laughs! I’m looking forward to our next day out.

Because of the great weather I anticipated, I thought it would be safe to show a little skin. I bought these dungarees on my last trip to Primark with CB. I didn’t have a vision for it at the time but I pieced it together quite well. (If I do say so myself)


Dungarees: Primark

Shoes: Boohoo

Sports Bra: Primark

Coat: Primark

Pins: Primark

Earrings: H&M

Rings: Primark

Necklace: Primark

IMG_2266 2IMG_2264 2IMG_2265 2IMG_2267 2IMG_2268 2IMG_2269 2IMG_2270 2IMG_2271 2IMG_2276 2IMG_2277 3IMG_2275 2IMG_2273 2IMG_2274 2IMG_2272 2IMG_2279 2IMG_2280 2IMG_2281 2IMG_2282 2unnamedIMG_2289 2IMG_2285 2IMG_2286 2IMG_2287 2IMG_2288 2IMG_2283 2IMG_2290 2IMG_2291 2IMG_2292 2IMG_2294 2IMG_2293 2IMG_2310 2IMG_2295 2IMG_2284 2IMG_2296 2IMG_2297 2IMG_2298 2IMG_2300 2IMG_2299 2IMG_2301 2IMG_2306 2IMG_2307 2IMG_2304 2IMG_2308 2IMG_2302 2IMG_2309 2IMG_2303 2


Until next time.


Kira    x

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