I’ve got some explaining to do!

It feels like forever since I’ve written a blog post, did you miss me? Well I’m back! With so much to share. 

About three and a half weeks ago I decided to start treating my depression with antidepressants. I’ve battled with taking medication for my depression for some time but I finally decided I wanted to try this method of treatment now. I guess I didn’t want to become dependent on it…I was on leave for two weeks while my body adjusted to this. It was quite confusing at first. 

I started taking it in the morning and it made me sleep all day and I was up all night. So I then started taking it at night but I was up all night and slept all day still! I could not figure out when I should take it. Somehow my body slowly started to adjust but that was after many nights of no sleep. 

Having been on them for over two weeks, I can admit I have felt a difference. But it could simply be the placebo effect. Whatever it is, I’m happy! 😀

Onto some more good news! I got a new job!! *sound the trumpets* Remember that secondment I spoke about in my blog post “New Job. New Mood.”? Well I now have that job! Anyone who spoke to me during my time on secondment, knows how much I enjoyed my time there. (I said it in the post too :D) So I’m so happy to have this job. And it’s Monday- Friday, what?!?! Weekends gonna be lit! 

Bae had three flights to London this month. My dad is visiting next month. One of my best friends is coming to stay with me soon.  I’m back in Barbados in a couple of months. Tings lookin’ sweet ya!

Speaking of bae…he flies back to Dubai tonight. 😦 LDRs are the worst! And if you’re looking at that acronym wondering what the hell that means, I can see you’re one of the lucky ones who isn’t/haven’t been in a long distance relationship. To be honest, this last month I haven’t really felt it because every time I turned my head, CB was here. 🙂 I’ve opted not to fly out to see him because of my fear of flying so he’s doing all the work. :$

I love when he’s around though because he gets some of my best pictures. Have a look!

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