After a whole week in Barbados, I finally made it to the beach! Notice I said made it to the beach and not made it into the water for a swim. To be honest, my intention was to go for a dip after my shoot but time got boney (as they say in Barbados- it means I was running out of time) so I couldn’t.

My best friend Nichola is a makeup artist and she’s been dying to ‘beat the face’ for a while now, so we thought today would be perfect. If you ask me how she became a makeup artist, I’d tell you the story of me training her from the time we were in fourth form in secondary school. If you ask her, she’d tell you she just winged it. I like my story better.

She lives in St.Philip, that’s on the eastern side of the island so we decided to shoot at The Crane beach nearby. By the way, I know Barbados is small (166 square miles to be exact) but the drive to St. Philip always feels like the longest thing known to man. On the drive to the beach, I saw a spot which instantly got my attention and I couldn’t drive by without capturing a few cool shots. Trust me when I say it was a good choice! It was a dilapidated chattel-like house which was right next to the road. I didn’t like the idea of everyone driving by and staring so I was only there for a short time.

I’ve been to The Crane beach before but Nichola showed me a different side to it today. For those beach wanderers, when you get to the bottom of the steps it’s to your left! We discovered this pool of water that looked so inviting. We were both so excited to start shooting there and thought it was good idea until we got closer and I felt the temperature of the water and saw the damn fish! I absolutely hate walking on rocks in the sea and this was even worse, the rocks were covered in algae but I did it!

It literally started to rain on our parade because in no time the rain was coming and we had no choice but to speed up the shoot. We intended to spend a lot more time there but we wouldn’t have been able to get much done with it but we pushed through quickly and might I add fabulously. We shot in the water, a cave, on the rocks; we even got some cool shots with someone’s mini moke that was parked on the walk back to my car. All I hoped then was the owner wouldn’t pop back and ask us what in heaven’s name we were doing. But with Co always hitching rides with complete strangers she had not an inch of fear or worry in her.

I would’ve loved to take a dip but I needed to get lunch and pick Mini KP up from school. Fingers crossed I get another chance! All of the beaches in Bim are beautiful and I really wish I had the time to visit them all. Maybe I should consider beach hopping on my next trip. I hardly ever went to the beach when I lived in Bim but living in London now, I can appreciate that I used to take this for granted.

Nichola is a makeup artist and not a photographer but when you see these pictures, tell me she isn’t in the wrong profession. Every time we shot a pose and she showed me, I was like “yassssss, more!” Selecting photos to post was quite a difficult process, but I had to narrow it down. She directed me so well today, I had to treat her to Wing Dings from Chefette. Homegirl earned it.

Oh! I have a new favourite foundation! Trust Nichola to use products that I don’t own, only to send me shopping now. *rolls eyes* It’s always good to visit a professional every now and again because she showed me some tips that I really need to put into my routine.

After reading through this blog post, it won’t be difficult to realise I had an amazing day! It’s not everyday I feel confident and beautiful in my own skin but it felt good to just be myself and embrace every curl and every roll confidently! From makeup to each photo opp. Today, I didn’t feel like I had to live up to anyone’s expectations or even my own. No thoughts of feeling down or depressed, not even an ounce of anxiety, fear of my future or the unknown. It’s really important to keep the right people in your corner who will encourage and motivate you to be your best self as you grow on this beautiful journey called life. I had that today 🙂


The Look

Scarf- Primark

Bikini- Primark

Earrings- Primark

Necklace- Nichola’s 🙂

Slides- Primark

Bangles- Forever21

This is definitely what vacation is all about- good vibes only.

Kira     x

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