Around the World with Kira: Mallorca (Day 2)

Honestly, having to write this post after returning to London from my holiday makes me wish I was still there. My trip was definitely way too short.

Here’s Day 2!

Another day of sightseeing, at least that was my intention, but instead of returning to Palma I decided to explore Portals Nous. In my mind, this was my last day because checkout was by 12 pm the next day and I wouldn’t be doing much with my suitcases in hand. On “Day 3” I spent most of my day at Porto Pi- a mall in Palma. With such an early checkout and a late departure (11 pm), I needed to pass the time until I went to the airport.

I had no idea what I was going to do in Portals and the hotel staff didn’t really help. They gave me brochures on things to do but I had no clue what was local and what was far away, so I decided to go at it on my own. When I left the hotel, I walked the route the taxi took when he dropped me off because I remember seeing shops and restaurants on the way in. I needed to find somewhere to have lunch so it was a good place to start. The walk wasn’t short but it was scenic.

I walked by five restaurants but the menus weren’t very interesting. I kept walking until I either found something I liked or I would turn around and settle for something I saw at one of the places I had already passed. I walked a little further and came upon Marineland- Mallorca’s version of SeaWorld, I wasn’t sure if I should go. It didn’t look very inviting from the outside and the reviews on TripAdvisor didn’t sell it either so I decided to focus on lunch and I’d check it out after- if I felt like it.

I found a quaint little spot right by the sea. It really made me feel like I was on holiday. Best part? There were blankets on the chairs so I managed to stay warm because it still wasn’t as hot as I would’ve liked. As is the case in Barbados, it’s always cool right by the sea and at 18 degrees it was cold.

I try to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Recently, T-shirts and corsets have been popping up all over the place so I thought I’d try this look while on holiday. I found a set on I didn’t really have time to return items so I was glad that it fit me when it arrived. I paired the look with Sk8-Hi Vans. I knew I might spend at least one day just walking around Mallorca so I had to have a look with trainers. I thought I’d funk it up a bit so I wore them with fishnet socks I bought from Missguided.

Views from Day 2 🙂


Dress & Corset: Boohoo/ Sock: Misguided/ Trainers: Vans/ Choker: Primark


Lunch with a view.



Flip-Up Sunglasses: Zara

I attempted to go to dinner and/or a club that night but my mood was off. I ended up ordering room service and chilling in my room. Boy, what a bum!


Grilled Prawns and Fries.

On the return flight to London, I actually cried my eyes out! I am the bravest scared person I know. I keep getting on planes even though I have the worst anxiety about flying. I was about 30 minutes from landing and the plane started to sound different- that’s all it took for me to bawl like a baby. I made a promise to myself then and there, I will not be flying anytime soon but knowing me, I just might be :'(. I’ve got some time off next month but I haven’t made a plan yet. I’m really against flying so I’m looking at alternatives, teleport maybe?

That’s my trip to Mallorca!

Kira    x



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