I’m really enjoying this 6 week secondment. The best part? Weekends off! I probably don’t utilise them as much as I can and should but I just love being off for them. After that 4-day weekend last week, it’s been a little difficult to get through the week though. I just think my body didn’t know how to act with all of these off days but I made it! *whoop whoop*

This week my look was inspired by a blogger I follow- I suggest you go follow her now too, her name’s Dazhane. You can find her on IG, Twitter and YouTube. She recently released her Spring lookbook on YouTube and that’s where I got the inspo.

The white two piece set was from Primark and the whole outfit- including shoes- came to less than £20! I paid £7 for the crop sweater, £5 for the skirt and the mules were on sale for £6. If you’re trying to look good but on a tight budget, this is for you. You can always find something to add to your wardrobe from Primark, so don’t sleep on ’em.

I wore minimal accesories because I wanted to show that you can still do a lot with a little. #pennywise.

I headed to King’s Cross with the intention of shooting by the canal but I fell in love with St. Pancras station. This building is so beautiful. If you’re not seeing the beauty in these photos, I suggest you head down there yourself and fall in love. Some of the photos are out of focus but I love them like that. 🙂

P.S. I’m yet to figure out this filming thing but I really want to do a “Get Ready With Kira” feature to share my makeup looks so I need you to bear with me a little longer.

(Photos by Rav. IG:@ravization)

Next Up: I’ll be on holiday next week and I can’t wait. I’m going to a destination I’ve never been to before so I’m probably going to get lost but I’m excited! I’ll definitely share this experience but I’m still trying to decide the best way to do that. All I’m praying for is a safe flight and some good weather. 🙂

Kira    x

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