Mixed Bag.

Dinner at The Shard- overrated.

Friday night, I had the unfortunate pleasure of having dinner at Ting in The Shard. I believed the hype and was sorely disappointed. The service was poor and the food was awful.

  • There was no one on the meet and greet desk when we arrived.
  • The wine and cocktail list were not offered to us when we were seated.
  • When we did receive the wine and cocktail menus we were only given one of each to share between a table of four.
  • There was a 30+ minute wait between our starter and main course.
  • A drink order was forgotten for about 15 minutes.
  • The dessert request was not completed.
  • There was no one on the meet and greet desk (again) when we were leaving so we had to wait for someone to come so we could get our coats so we could leave!

I went to dinner with CB, his cousin Demardo and Demardo’s girlfriend Shakera. We compared this experience to our last dinner date together at Morah in Dubai- there was no comparison. It wasn’t just the food that was great at Morah but the service we received- it was top notch. Aaron, our waiter on the night, introduced himself to us and made for a great conversationalist. It was the kind of service that makes you not care what the bill is, you’re paying it and tripling the tip. It was the opposite at Ting, we subtracted the discretionary 12.5% that was added to the bill. We actually didn’t know who our waiter was. We saw about 6 different people at our table.

Do you know what we did on our way home after dinner? We went to Mickey D’s!

To think, I got frustrated when I couldn’t find something to wear for this dinner. Online, in-store or just in my closet- nothing seemed right. But do you know what was even more frustrating? Dressing up, going out and having a sh*’t dinner. I spent two weeks online and in stores trying to find an outfit but I didn’t fall in love with anything I saw. I finally found this red dress in one of the stores on Fonthill Road- I didn’t love it but it worked.

Red always makes me feel sexy. *smirk*

The best thing about the night was the company and the conversations.


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