New Job. New Mood.

What a [good] week!

When I feel down for a while, I start to think maybe I’ll never be myself again. It’s a scary thought to have. I try not to ruminate on it because that would only increase my downward spiral.

Have you ever had one of those days when one thing, no matter how small, just had to go wrong and you’d flip? I was having one of those days for the last 4 weeks. I work in a high-pressure environment that I’m not mentally strong enough for right now. I’ve been able to keep up but it’s costing me. I returned to work in January after being on leave for 2 months, I should’ve been phased in but I was thrown right back into the deep end. Now I feel overworked and under appreciated because my mental health isn’t being taken into consideration. I know everyone at work has grown accustomed to making me their ‘go-to’ but I can’t be that person presently.

I started a 6-week secondment this week and it was the best thing that could happen to me. I LOVE THIS NEW JOB! It might not be so much the job but the people I work with. The environment I work in now has been so much better for me- for my mental health. I’ve willingly jumped out of bed every morning, made breakfast at home, done my makeup and got to work on time- I mean, I feel like a new me!

This weekend I’ve got some exciting things planned! Watch. This. Space.

Kira   x

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